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Western Digital Ships 12 TB WD Gold HDD: 8 Platters and Helium
Western Digital has begun to ship its WD Gold HDD with 12 TB capacity to partners and large retailers. The 3.5” drive relies on the same platform as the HGST Ultrastar He12 launched this year, and will initially be available to select customers of the company. The WD Gold 12 TB is designed for enterprise workloads and has all the performance and reliability enhancements that we come to expect, but the availability at retail should make them accessible to wider audiences.From a hardware point of view, the WD Gold 12 TB is similar to the HGST Ultrastar He12 12 TB hard drive: both are
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

An AMD Threadripper X399 Motherboard Overview: A Quick Look at Seven Products
With the release of AMD’s Threadripper CPUs into the HEDT market, board partners have released new motherboards based on the X399 chipset. Consumers are going to see quad channel memory, native 4-Way SLI and Crossfire capabilities, more full-speed M.2 slots, added 10G network ports, and more on the new platform. We're taking a quick look at each of the motherboards that the vendors are promoting in the market, as well as a few upcoming teasers.
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

Corsair Announces 16GB DDR4-4600 Vengeance LPX DRAM Kits
Corsair on Thursday announced two fresh Vengeance LPX memory kits that set new performance records for the product family. The new dual-channel memory kits are intended for Intel’s Kaby Lake-X CPUs and Intel’s X299 platforms, and they operate at DDR4-4500 and DDR4-4600 MT/s data transfer rates and require over 1.4 V.Corsair’s new fastest-ever DDR4 memory kits have a combined capacity of 16 GB and are rated for DDR4-4500 with CL19-19-19-39 timings at 1.45 V and for DDR4-4600 at CL19 26-26-46 at 1.5 V. Corsair verified stable performance of its DIMMs at transfer rates well b
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

Dell’s Visor Available for Pre-Order: A Mixed Reality Headset, Ships in Mid-October
Dell has begun to take pre-orders on its Visor headset for Windows Mixed Reality applications. The company will start shipments of the device in mid-October, just in time for Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update that arrives on October 17 and ahead of the holiday season.Starting from September 14, Dell’s Visor WMR headset is available for pre-order from in the U.S. and from PCWorld in the U.K. The headset itself is priced at $349.99, the controller kit costs $99.99 and a Visor with controllers is priced at $449.99. In the U.K., the whole kit is available for pre...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

HP Updates Z8 Workstations: Up to 56 Cores, 3 TB RAM, 9 PCIe Slots, 1700W
HP has updated its most powerful dual-processor Z8 workstation line with the latest components. The new systems contain up to two Intel Skylake-SP Xeon CPUs with up to 56 cores in total, up to 3 TB of DDR4 RAM, terabytes of storage as well as up to 9 PCIe slots along with optional TB3 and 10 GbE support via add-in cards. The HP Z8 workstation will be the pinnacle of HP’s computers for personal and professional use and its price in high-end configurations will surpass even the top-of-the-range gaming PCs.Historically, most high-end workstations relied on server platforms to support mor...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

TSMC Teams Up with ARM and Cadence to Build 7nm Data Center Test Chips in Q1 2018
TSMC has announced plans to build its first test chips for data center applications using its 7 nm fabrication technology. The chip will use compute cores from ARM, a Cache Coherent Interconnect for Accelerators (CCIX), and IP from Cadence (a DDR4 memory controller, PCIe 3.0/4.0 links). Given the presence of the CCIX bus and PCIe 4.0 interconnects, the chip will be used to show the benefits of TSMC’s 7 nm process primarily for high-performance compute (HPC) applications. The IC will be taped out in early Q1 2018.The 7 nm test chips from TSMC will be built mainly to demonstrate capabil...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

One Design, Two Products: The SanDisk Ultra 3D (1TB) and WD Blue 3D (1TB) SSD Reviews, with BiCS 3D NAND
The first 3D NAND SSDs from Western Digital and its SanDisk subsidiary have arrived. The same mainstream SATA SSD with 3D TLC is being sold under two names, but either way it is a big step forward: SanDisk's 64-layer BiCS3 3D NAND enables faster performance and lower power consumption.
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

Raja Koduri, Head of AMD's RTG, to go on Sabbatical until December
PC Perspective confirmed rumors that Raja Koduri, AMD's Radeon Technologies Group (RTG) Senior Vice President and Chief Architect, is to go on sabbatical. Sourcing Raja’s internal letter to the RTG team, he will be taking leave from September 25 until an unspecified date in December, to spend time with his family. Dr Lisa Su, AMD's CEO, will lead RTG in the interim.As reproduced by Ryan Shrout, Raja’s letter is as follows: ...

RTG Team, ...You haven’t heard from me collectively in a while – a symptom not only of the whirlwind of launchi...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

Apple 2017: The iPhone X (Ten) Announced
The hot button item expected to come from Apple’s announcement today was the set of iPhones being announced. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were the expected models to come to market, but Apple felt that for the 10-year anniversary since the launch of the original iPhone, it should release a new model which ‘breaks the standard for another 10 years’. This new iPhone X device goes all in on some significant features that are novel to the Apple smartphone ecosystem: an edge-to-edge OLED display, a TrueDepth front-facing camera system, removal of TouchID in favor of a new facia...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

Apple 2017: Announcing a new Apple Watch Series 3, with Intel LTE/Cellular
Today at Apple’s new Steve Jobs Theatre, Apple announced its new Apple Watch, called the Series 3. This is a new model above the Series 2 announced last year, with the new headline feature being LTE support through an integrated modem, which we believe to be an Intel modem according to trusted analysts.With other watch makers having had LTE models, it had been one of the missing features with the Watch Series 2. Now Apple is making that leap, supporting both LTE and UTMS by using the display as the antenna, rather than internal antennas that might take up extra space. Rather than us...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

The Apple 2017 iPhone Event Live Blog
We're here at Apple's new Steve Jobs theater on their new corporate campus for the company's annual iPhone reveal event...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

Logitech Launches the MX Ergo Trackball: Bringing Trackballs into 2017
Logitech is introducing its first new trackball in years. The MX Ergo trackball claims improved precision compared to its predecessors, as well as eight buttons combining modern features with an older use model. The device is also one of the first products by Logitech that supports the company’s Flow technology that enables seamless switching and file sharing between different systems. ...

Trackball History 101

The trackball was invented in 1947, decades before mice and personal computers, for the British Royal Navy’s command, control, and coordination system known as Compr...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

ASRock Announces the X299 OC Formula Motherboard
Back in May of this year, we saw our first glimpse of the X299 OC Formula, ASRock’s to-be high-end overclocking focused motherboard. In the past couple of generations, the OC Formula line was black and yellow. For X299 it has changed to black with some gray. Though it looks like most other X299 boards on the shelves, ASRock positions it as “…ideally focused on overclocking exclusively, without any other useless features, designs or gimmicks.”One major change to previous OC Formula (OCF) boards of the past is the reduction down to one memory slot per channel. Most...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

Toshiba's 8 TB X300 HDD Now Available: 7200 RPM Drive For Under $260
Toshiba has started to sell a new, 8 TB version of its X300 3.5” desktop hard drive. The new X300 8 TB hard drive relies on a specially developed platform with enterprise features that promises to enable extended reliability and has two performance-optimizing technologies. However what is especially noteworthy is that the price of this 7200 rpm-class HDD is considerably lower than the price of competing 7200 rpm-class 8 TB PMR internal hard drives.The Toshiba X300 family of hard drives now consists of 4 TB, 5 TB, 6 TB and 8 TB models that have 7200 RPM spindle speed and 128 MB cache.
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:08 2017

G.Skill Ups the Ante on Memory Speed and Voltage: 16 GB DDR4-4600 1.5v Kit for Kaby Lake-X
G.Skill on Friday introduced its fastest dual-channel memory kit designed specifically for Intel’s Kaby Lake-X processors and Intel’s X299 HEDT platforms. The new Trident Z DDR4-4600 DIMMs not only boast the highest officially supported DDR4 transfer rate in the industry to date, but are also among the first to use 1.5 Volts to hit that milestone.The new extreme Trident Z DDR4 memory modules, as G.Skill calls them, are based on Samsung’s famous 8 Gb B-die memory ICs produced on their 20 nm fabrication process. G.Skill says that to build its DDR4-4600 CL19 DIMMs, it had to
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:09 2017

Philips Readies Curved Ultra-Wide 492P8 Display: 49”, 32:9, USB-C, Sub-$1100
Wrapping up our IFA coverage, at least week's trade show TPV demonstrated a preproduction version of its upcoming ultra-wide (32:9 aspect ratio) 49” Philips display. The 492P8 monitor will have something in common with Samsung’s C49HG90 introduced earlier this year, but it will lack quantum dots and a number of other features. A good news is that it will cost less, at a little over $1000.Over the past few quarters companies like Philips, LG, Samsung, JapanNext and some other have introduced computer displays with diagonals significantly exceeding 30” – 34”,
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:09 2017

Dell Latitude 12 Updated: Rugged Tablet Gets Faster CPU, FHD LCD, Lower Weight, USB-C
Dell has updated its rugged Latitude 12 tablet designed to operate in extreme conditions. The new Latitude 12 model 7212 is getting faster CPUs featuring the Skylake and Kaby Lake microarchitecture, a new 11.6” FHD display with an improved cover glass, a USB-C connector, a higher-capacity SSD option, and other improvements.Dell launched its original Latitude 12 model 7202 rugged extreme tablet back in 2015. The unit was based on Intel’s Core M (Broadwell-Y) SoC and a set of mobile PC components capable of working in extreme conditions, but its main features were reinforced chass...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:09 2017

Intel Discontinues WiGig Cards, Antenna and Sink, Set to Focus on WiGig for VR
In a surprising move, Intel has announced plans to discontinue a number of their 802.11ad products. The company intends to cease shipments of the majority of its WiGig devices by late 2017. Intel has not announced any replacements for the 802.11ad parts and says that it would focus on WiGig solutions designed for VR applications.Intel is formally initiating the EOL program for the Wireless Gigabit 11000 and Tri Band Wireless-AC 18260 controllers, the Wireless Gigabit Sink W13100 sink today (September 8). Intel is asking its partners to place their final orders on its WiGig-supporting networ...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:09 2017

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.9.1
.Featuring Driver Version 17.30.1081 (Windows Driver Store Version 22.19.676.0), Radeon Software 17.9.1 addresses two bugs first noted in 17.8.1: RX Vega system hangs when resuming from sleep and attempting to play back video content, and mouse stuttering on certain Radeon RX series products when WattMan or third party GPU information polling programs are running in the background. 17.9.1 also brings further fixes for random corruption in Microsoft productivity applications, which was first addressed for RX Vega cards in 17.8.2.In addition, AMD has corrected issues where the Radeon Soft...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:09 2017

ASRock's X10 IoT Router Now Available: 802.11ac, GbE, ZigBee, and IR
ASRock has started sales of their new smart connected home router, the X10. The new device supports not only 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet like any modern networking router, but also supports ZigBee and IR to control various smart and home electronics as a connected home central hub.The X10 and devices like it comes at an interesting inflection point for the consumer networking gear industry; nowadays, Wi-Fi is ubiquitous and basic routers are cheap, if not outright free from an ISP, pushing the overall market towards being highly commoditized. However farther at the edge of the marke...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:09 2017

NVIDIA Ships First Volta-based DGX Systems
DGX Station to CCDS later this month.At CCDS, these AI supercomputers will continue to be used in training deep neural networks for the purpose of evaluating medical images and scans, using Massachusetts General Hospital’s collection of phenotypic, genetics, and imaging data. In turn, this can assist doctors and medical practitioners in making faster and more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.unveiled at GTC 2017, and is essentially a full tower workstation 1P version of the DGX-1 with 4 Tesla V100s. This water cooled DGX Station is priced at $69,000.Selected NVIDIA DGX...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:09 2017

The HP S700 And S700 Pro SSD Review
HP is not a well-known name in the retail SSD market, but as a major PC OEM it's not too surprising to see them producing their own SSD models based on third-party controller solutions. The HP S700 and S700 Pro SSDs use Micron 3D TLC NAND and Silicon Motion controllers, but have undergone tuning and significant QA from HP in an effort to give them an edge over earlier drives from other vendors that are using the same basic formula.
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:09 2017

Western Digital Launches SanDisk iXpand Base SD-Based Storage for iPhone with Backup Capability
Western Digital has introduced its new SanDisk iXpand Base storage solution for Apple iOS-based devices. Just like the SanDisk iXpand flash drive launched several years ago, the new device can backup photos, videos and contacts from iPhones, iPads and other devices to free some space and/or make a redundant copy. Internally, the iXpand base uses SD cards, essentially making it a card reader for Apple’s devices.As the name implies, the SanDisk iXpand Base is a base for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch that holds an SD card and has a power adapter to charge iOS devices. To back up photos, vid...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:09 2017

AOC’s Entry-Level C2789FH8 27” Display Weds Gold, Bling, and Curvature
AOC has introduced its new curved display specifically aimed at the entry-level market. The new C2789FH8 monitor is one the industry’s first curved LCDs that comes in yellow gold chassis with gold-and-white mosaic on the back. From performance point of view, the display seems rather basic for 2017, but among its advantages are extended color gamut, AMD’s FreeSync adaptive refresh rate technology, and a very affordable price.The AOC C2789FH8 is based on a VA panel with FHD (1920×1080) resolution and 1800R curvature. The panel has a 250 nits brightness, a 3000:1 contrast rat...
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:09 2017

BlackBerry Launches KEYone Black Edition: All-Black, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB NAND
KEYone model introduced at MWC earlier this year. The product will be available in multiple countries, but the U.S. is currently not listed among them.Traditionally, Research in Motion and then BlackBerry Limited developed most of their smartphones with business customers in mind and this prompted them to use strict designs and colors. Since black fits business environments well and looks good with almost any other color, most of BlackBerry handsets were black, sometimes with grey metallic inlays. Such methodology is fully understandable, yet when Nokia released its E-series smartphones in
AnandTech ~Created Mon Sep 18 08:57:09 2017
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Microsoft Stops Selling Windows 7 and Windows 8
Gone but not forgotten: Windows 7 and 8 went out on a fitting day, both were declared dead and buried on Halloween. Microsoft ceased sales of OEM licenses to computer manufacturers on October 31st. Trick or treat indeed: Windows 7 was the treat and Windows 8 was the trick. For those keen to act fast there will be a stock pile of licenses for Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate floating around major OEMs like Dell and HP. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Far Cry 4 Has Gone Gold
PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC gamers get ready and mark your calendars for November 18th: Far Cry 4 has just officially gone gold. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Microsoft Endorses Workaround for Botched Windows Patch
Lately, Microsoft has been having a difficult time in releasing patches that actually stick and spend an inordinate amount of time issuing fixes to patches. InfoWorld reports that this time a workaround didn't come from Microsoft, but from a third party. In the company's infinite wisdom, the powers that be have decided to endorse the fix to the latest snafu. To alleviate this problem on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 based systems, please export and delete the following registry value, reboot your system and then re-attempt the update. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Roku Adds Google Play Movies & TV to Content
Roku is in a class of its own when it comes to streaming and is holding its ground against major players like Google, Apple and Amazon in providing good steady content. To add to its already outstanding lineup, Roku has now added Google Play Movies & TV. Content providers don't always play fair, which is what makes Roku such an intriguing underdog story. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

GameStop Tips Midnight 'COD: Advanced Warfare' Launches
GameStop is throwing a late night party beginning on Sunday at 6PM to celebrate the early morning release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at Midnight. Party on Dudes. Beginning at 6 p.m., more than 4,100 GameStop locations around the country will stay open late to celebrate the Day Zero Edition release, available for $49.99 starting at 12:01 a.m. on Nov. 3. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

See How Halo 2: Anniversary Was Made
There are still many fans of Halo 2 out there even after 10 years and the faithful are about to be rewarded for being ever so patient with the release of the HD remake in Halo 2: Anniversary. Check out the Xbox launch trailer video. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

The 5K Display is Coming
Have you had enough of the hype over 4K displays to last you a lifetime? Well, that's a good thing because the 5K display is here. Move over 4K displays, make way for the 5K display in both Mac and PC flavors. For its size, the 5K monitor is the most impressive display on the market, boasting 242 pixels per degree. That's over 25% better than a 4K monitor. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

The Biggest Video Games of Holiday Season 2014
It's almost that joyous time of the year again and we're not just talking about the upcoming holiday season either. It's time for many of the best games of 2014 to be released just in time to be scarfed up by holiday buyers and this year's offering is a bumper crop of hit titles across all platforms. Some little indie darling may rise up from obscurity and become the absolute best video game of all time, forever and ever amen. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

[H]ard|OCP Week in Reviews
Today is Friday and you know what that means! It is time once again for the [H]ard|OCP Week in Reviews! For anyone that might have missed them, we like to take a quick look back on the hardware evaluations and articles we posted earlier in the week. We kicked the week off with our NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 SLI 4K video card review, followed by our evaluation of the ASRock X99 WS LGA 2011-v3 motherboard. Finally, we wrapped things up with our 4 Weeks with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 SLI article.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

[H]ardware Round-Up II
Cases: DimasTech Bench/Test Easy V3.0 @ Modders Inc. ETC.: Asus G751 @ HotHardware GIGABYTE Force H3X @ Vortez Tesoro Lobera Full Color @ LanOC Video: ASUS GTX 980 Strix @ HT4U ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q @ Legit Reviews GeForce GTX 980 PCI-Express Scaling @ techPowerUP!
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

NBA 2K15 Face Scans As Halloween Masks
Remember those horrible face scans from NBA 2K15? It looks like someone has a good sense of humor about the whole thing because you can actually print a Halloween mask using some of those awful scans. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Court Says Fingerprint-Locked Smartphones Are Fair Game
I guess the lesson here is that you should use a plain old password for your phone instead of fingerprint scanning. Here's some trivia for your next trip to the pub. Did you know that, in Virginia, you don't have to tell the cops your phone's unlock code, but you're obliged to open it if you use a fingerprint based passcode? It's a quirky piece of legal precedent that's just been established in the state after a key piece of legal evidence was believed to be trapped on the defendant's smartphone. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Best Dad Ever [H]alloween 2014 Edition
And the award for "Best Dad Ever 2014" goes to this guy. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Broadband In U.S. Still Slower, More Expensive Than Everywhere Else
When it comes to broadband, no one pays more for less than we do. Hey, I guess that means WE'RE #1! American consumers have gotten a mixed bag of broadband news this year. Between mergers and net neutrality it's been a rough twelve months, even while some consumers have seen better connections and dropping prices. But the news for most of us is the same as ever: on the whole, Americans pay more, for worse broadband service, than our peers in the rest of the world. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Amazon Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction With Tablet Devices
How can this be? Apple's "magical" iPad losing out to Amazon's plain ol' tablets? Some form of trickery must be involved. As more value-priced tablet brands enter the marketplace and the average purchase price of tablets declines, satisfaction with cost continues to rise, according to the J.D. Power 2014 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction StudySM—Volume 2 released today. The study, now in its third year, measures customer satisfaction with tablets across five factors (in order of importance): performance (28%); ease of operation (22%); features (22%); styling and design (17%); and cost (11%). Satisfaction is calculated on a 1,000-point scale. Comments
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

4 Weeks with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 SLI
What do you get when you take two NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 video cards, configure those for SLI, and set those at your feet for four weeks? We give our thoughts and opinions about actually using these GPUs in our own system for four weeks with focus on performance, sound profile, and heat generated by these cards.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

ASRock X99 WS LGA 2011-v3 Motherboard Review
ASRock comes to us with its "Work Station" version Haswell-E motherboard. This time our out-of-box experience with its X99 WS was as rock solid as it could be and did leave us with feelings of getting to work with a quality component. As you all know, we are much more interested in how it performs at high clocks while under stress.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 SLI 4K Video Card Review
If you thought one GeForce GTX 980 was a great gaming solution, wait till you see what GeForce GTX 980 SLI can do for gaming at 4K. We look at performance, efficiency, and even a little 1440p SLI goodness. However, some of the results may not be what you would exactly expect.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

SilverStone Fortress FT05 90 Degree ATX Full Tower Review
The SilverStone Fortress FT05 is a different take on it successful Raven RV05. SilverStone has gotten rid of the 5.25" drive bays and once again rotated the motherboard 90 degrees so that the IO panel points toward the sky. These two things done in tandem allow SilverStone to produce a much better engineered ATX case.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

XFX Radeon R9 285 Black Edition Video Card Review
Today we are reviewing the new XFX Radeon R9 285 Black Edition video card. We will compare it to a pair of GeForce GTX 760 based GPUs to determine the best at the sub-$250 price point. XFX states that it is faster than the GTX 760, but that is based on a single synthetic benchmark, let's see how it holds up in real world gaming.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Corsair HX1000i 1000W Power Supply Review
Corsair's HX series represents its "second tier" line of enthusiast computer power supplies, but its new HX1000i does take the top spot when it comes to its ~1000 watt power supplies that are Platinum certified and fully modular. Let's see if this latest addition from Corsair represents its quality pedigree of days gone by.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

GIGABYTE GA-X99-UD4 LGA 2011-v3 Motherboard Review
GIGABYTE's new Haswell-E X99-UD4 motherboard offers a no-nonsense, no frills approach to the High End DeskTop (HEDT) market segment. While this certainly is an HEDT motherboard, GIGABYTE's approach to the feature set available on this motherboard has kept its price point in the $240 range.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Thermaltake Water 3.0 Ultimate AIO CPU Cooler Review
Bigger is always better and Thermaltake keeps with that thinking with its Water 3.0 AIO (All-In-One) CPU cooler. Thermaltake expands it radiator system to an impressive 360mm's worth of liquid cooling. What is probably most impressive though is it does not have a ton of other generally useless blinky light features.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

XFX R9 280 Double Dissipation 3GB Video Card Review
The AMD Radeon R9 280 is almost to the end of its shelf life, and you know what that means, record low pricing making an excellent value for performance right now. We have the XFX R9 280 Double Dissipation 3GB and will be comparing it with an R9 285, and also a custom GTX 760. This may be a deal!
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Overclocking Video Card Review
The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 makes overclocking GPUs a ton of fun again. Its extremely high clock rates achieved when you turn the right dials and sliders result in real world gaming advantages. We will compare it to a GeForce GTX 780 Ti and Radeon R9 290X; all overclocked head-to-head.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

LEPA LV12 CPU Air Cooler for Intel and AMD Processors
LEPA is moving into CPU air cooling and we have its first cooler for review today, the LV12. LEPA claims that its new louvered fin designed gives it an advantage and surely we will test that. It also claims that the it supplies "Silence with High Performance." Let's see if LEPA can give us our money's worth.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Seasonic PLATINUM-1050 Power Supply Review
Seasonic is one of our long-time favorites when it comes to truly high-end power supplies. The new PLATINUM-1050 PSU claims to deliver excellent power efficiency and does so with a fully modular design. Seasonic is often known designing products with excellent sound profiles. Does the PLATINUM-1050 fit the profile?
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

MSI X99S XPower AC LGA 2011-v3 Motherboard Review
MSI's X99S XPower AC has a bundle heavy enough to crush woodland creatures and about as many features as you could possibly want and then some. MSI's XPower series represents the pinnacle of what MSI offers and as a result we have high expectations for the X99S XPower AC.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Thermaltake Core V51 Mid-Tower Case Review
Thermaltake has some very lofty goals set for its new mid-tower case. Its primary goal is to deliver outstanding cooling performance which is always high on our priority list as well. Form and function both seem to be well served in this new Core V51 model as its performance profile is not hard on the eyes.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G Video Card Review
The MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G video card is making the GeForce GTX 780 and AMD Radeon R9 290 obsolete. This $349 video card puts up a fight and punches in a win at this price. The overclock alone is somewhat staggering. If you are about to spend money on a GPU, don't miss this one.
[H]ardOCP News/Article Feed ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:37 2014

Steam Linux Usage Is Almost Back Up To 1.2%
The Steam hardware/software survey has been updated with its October 2014 data and it reflects slightly larger Linux gaming market-share...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

GCC's JIT Compiler Support Moves A Step Closer To Mainline
Red Hat's David Malcolm remains committed to landing his just-in-time (JIT) compiler support for GCC...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Freescale's iMX DRM Driver Sees Big Changes
Published on Friday was a massive set of 72 patches to improve the Freescale iMX DRM driver that's currently within the Linux kernel's staging area...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Enlightenment's New Wayland Compositor Code Is Now Functional, Supports XDG-Shell
While Enlightenment E19 has significant Wayland improvements, it looks like E20 will be even better with regard to Wayland support...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Don't Use Fedora's Fedup Right Now Due To A Bug With Systemd
While Fedora 21 Beta is coming next week, if you're wanting to upgrade early to the Fedora 21 packages, it's advised right now against using Fedora's upgrade utility (Fedup) unless you want to potentially trash your system...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

AMD On Linux & Systemd Were Very Popular This Month
Published this month on Phoronix were 259 original news stories and 28 featured, multi-page articles covering various open-source and Linux topics...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

NVIDIA's Linux Driver Can Deliver Better OpenGL Performance Than Windows 8.1
Yesterday we looked at the Windows vs. Ubuntu 14.10 Intel OpenGL performance using Haswell HD Graphics to kick off our latest round of Windows vs. Linux OpenGL driver benchmarking. Out today is now our NVIDIA GeForce graphics card comparison on Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.10 using the latest NVIDIA binary drivers. NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 970 and GTX 980 Maxwell graphics cards were tested as well as the mature GTX 780 Ti.
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Wine 1.7.30 Continues Work On DirectWrite & Offers Regedit Fixes
The latest bi-weekly Wine development release is making a Halloween debut...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Has The Sky Fallen? Qualcomm Contributes To Freedreno's DRM/KMS Driver
In an interesting change of events, Code Aurora on the behalf of the Qualcomm Innovation Center has added Adreno A4xx product support to the Freedreno-spawned DRM/KMS "MSM" driver...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Manjaro Works To Make Calamares A Distribution-Independent Installer
The Arch-based Manjaro crew has been developing Calamares, an open-source installation framework they hope will basically lead to being a universal Linux distribution installer...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

DisplayLink USB 3.0 Support Sounds Like A Mess
While DisplayLink's USB2-based graphics adapters tend to be well supported under Linux even with a DRM/KMS driver, there's been no support for the newer DisplayLink USB 3.0 devices...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

PulseAudio Gains A Native Bluetooth Headset Backend
PulseAudio now has a native headset backend for dealing with Bluetooth headsets...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

X.Org Foundation Decides On Its Women Outreach Project
At yesterday's X.Org Foundation Board of Directors meeting they approved one project for the Outreach Program for Women...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

GTK+ 3.16's New GtkGLArea Widget Gets Improved
Earlier this month GTK+ 3.16 development code gained native OpenGL support. This GTK+ OpenGL support involved adding support for wrapping an OpenGL context for native windows with GLX on X11 and EGL on Wayland to use OpenGL to paint everything. A GtkGLArea widget was also added for providing OpenGL drawing access within GTK+ applications. The GtkGLArea has already seen some more improvements to better GTK's OpenGL support...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

X.Org Server 1.17 ABI Bumped
For those wondering whether there's ABI breakage with this week's X.Org Server 1.17 Release Candidate, there is indeed some breakage that will warrant the proprietary driver ABIs to be updated and released...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Fedora 21 Beta To Be Released Next Week
While Fedora 21 Beta was delayed, today it received the go ahead to be released next week Tuesday...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Go 1.4 Beta Release Brings Big Runtime Changes
Google's Go language implementation is now in beta for the upcoming 1.4 major release...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

SIMD For JavaScript Continues Coming Along
SIMD for JavaScript continues to be worked on by Mozilla, Google, Intel, and others for better accelerating particular workloads in the web...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Windows 8.1 vs. Ubuntu 14.10 With Intel HD Graphics
For those curious how the latest open-source Intel Linux graphics driver is performing against Intel's newest closed-source Windows OpenGL driver, we've put Ubuntu 14.10 (including a second run with the latest Linux kernel / Mesa) against Microsoft Windows 8.1 with the newest Intel GPU driver released earlier this month.
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

GNOME 3.15.1 Released
The first development snapshot for the GNOME 3.15 cycle is now available, which will end up being GNOME 3.16 come next March...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Red Hat Software Collections 1.2 Adds GCC 4.9, Nginx 1.6
Red Hat has released their third update to their "Software Collections" that provide updated development tools/packages to RHEL6/RHEL7 users as an alternative to their default packages...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

GLAMOR Acceleration Continues To Be Cleaned Up
Now that X.Org Server 1.17 RC1 has been released with a focus on improving GLAMOR and integrating the xf86-video-intel DDX, Keith Packard has written a blog post about the work that has gone on so far since GLAMOR's inception for optimizing and cleaning up this 2D-over-OpenGL acceleration method...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Russia's Yandex Web Browser Finally Released For Linux
After a several year wait, the Yandex Browser is now available for Linux...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

GCC 4.9.2 Released Today To Fix Regressions
GCC 4.9.2 was released today as the latest point release in the GCC 4.9 series for the compiler originally released earlier this year...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014

Linux Kernel Finally Being Optimized For SSHDs
The Linux kernel is finally being optimized for use of solid-state hybrid drives (SSHDs) that follow the ATA 3.2 standard...
Phoronix ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:59 2014
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Notebook batteries, not meant to last?
Notebook batteries are costly to replace, which begs the question why some of them fail after a relative short period of use.
Hardware Analysis ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:39 2014

More phenomenal AMD marketing?
With the introduction of the new Phenom II processor AMD uses a new marketing strategy with similar naming conventions to Intel's.
Hardware Analysis ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:39 2014

Intel's Core i7, is it ever enough?
The Core i7 platform solidifies Intel's lead over AMD, while obsoleting generations of its own products. But isn't enough enough at some point?
Hardware Analysis ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:39 2014

The frustrations of building a new PC
Building a PC seems trivial these days as hardware incompatibilities are supposed to be a thing of the past. We find out how that is not really the case.
Hardware Analysis ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:39 2014

Ray-tracing, the PC's next killer-app?
Ray-tracing could well be the next killer-app providing a quantum leap in PC gaming realism, just like 3Dfx Voodoo Graphics did in the '90s.
Hardware Analysis ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:39 2014

Obsolete computer hardware, remember this?
Finding a few boxes with obsoleted computer hardware and games brings back memories of a bygone age of computing.
Hardware Analysis ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:39 2014

Made in China, a security risk?
Recent reports of counterfeit computer hardware from China have once again sparked the discussion on whether this poses a security risk.
Hardware Analysis ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:39 2014

Global warming, fact or farce?
Global warming and the environment: topics that have been discussed numerous times. Here is another look at what we, as end users, can do.
Hardware Analysis ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:39 2014

Is the HD-DVD versus Blu-ray format war finally over?
Is HD-DVD fighting a losing battle and will Blu-ray prevail or will HD-DVD's price and backwards compatibility win the consumer over?
Hardware Analysis ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:39 2014

Will Microsoft keep missing the boat?
Microsoft often pitches itself as the great innovator and its products as innovative, but are they really? Here is a closer look.
Hardware Analysis ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:21:39 2014

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Graphics Card Review
Our first look at Nvidia's new flagship card featuring a Maxwell 2.0 GPU.
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming 4G Graphics Card Review
We have taken a look to one of a gamers' dream graphics card based on new Nvidia Maxwell chip. And it's unbelievable, but we cannot find any drawbacks in MSI GeForce GTX 970 Gaming. And now we will try to convince you of its advantages.
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

Lisa Su Appointed as New CEO of Advanced Micro Devices
Rory Read Steps Down, Lisa Su Becomes New CEO of AMD
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

Nvidia Quadro K5200, K4200 and K2200 Professional Graphics Cards Review
Nvidia has updated its professional product line-up, promising more onboard memory and up to 40% more performance at the same prices and within the same TDP as before. We are going to test the new graphics cards in comparison with AMD's FirePro W9100 and W8100.
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

Intel Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K Processors Review
The Devil's Canyon processors unveiled this summer push the performance bar to a new level for the LGA1150 platform. What's more, Intel says packaging optimizations make the Core i7-4790K and Core i5-4690K a real treat for overclockers.
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

ASUS Z97-Deluxe Mainboard Review
This mainboard looks good, easy to tweak, provides excellent performance at nominal mode and with CPU overclock. And it's simple good platform, because it's a flagship mainboard designed and manufactured by large and well-known company.
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

AMD FirePro W9100 Professional Graphics Card Review
AMD is going to significantly increase its market share in the professional graphics segment. To do this, the company had updated its FirePro series lineup. In this review we take a look at the new flagship video card for CAD/CAM, based on the Hawaii GPU, the FirePro W9100.
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

Crucial MX100 Review: An SSD for the Masses
Crucial has dropped the price per gigabyte of SSD storage below the $0.5 mark and it is not a sale of old products. We're talking about a promising new model with high performance, excellent features and good reliability. What's the hitch? Let's find out right now!
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

AMD Has No Plans to Reconsider Recommended Prices of Radeon R9 Graphics Cards
AMD Will Not Lower Recommended Prices of Radeon R9 Graphics Solutions
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

Samsung Begins to Produce 2.13GHz 64GB DDR4 Memory Modules
Samsung Uses TSV DRAMs for 64GB DDR4 RDIMMs
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

AMD Quietly Reveals Third Iteration of GCN Architecture with Tonga GPU
AMD Unleashes Radeon R9 285 Graphics Cards, Tonga GPU, GCN 1.2 Architecture
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

Chinese Inspur to Sell Mission-Critical Servers with AMD Software, Power 8 Processors
IBM to Enter Chinese Big Data Market with the Help from Inspur
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

Former X-Bit Labs Editor Aims to Wed Tabletop Games with Mobile Platforms
Game Master Wants to Become a New World of Warcraft
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

Khronos Group to Follow DirectX 12 with Cross-Platform Low-Level API
Khronos Unveils Next-Generation OpenGL Initiative
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014

Avexir Readies 3.40GHz DDR4 Memory Modules
DDR4 Could Hit 3.40GHz This Year
X-bit labs ~Created Sat Nov 1 13:22:00 2014
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Experience Nintendo Switch in NYC on March 3
Join Nintendo in launching and celebrating their latest video game system Switch! Switch is changing the way people think about their game systems because of its portability and unique capabilities, and tomorrow Nintendo will show us (NYCers) how versatile this system is. Play it in the ‘living room’ set up at Madison Square Park, or […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

The Dating Site for Art –
As soon as I read “the dating site for…”, my mind stopped in its tracks and went back a couple of weeks to that moment when I deleted my Bumble account – Ugh, another one?!, I thought…but then I snapped out of it and continued reading… The dating site for art. Ooh la la…what could […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Happy Birthday to Us!! was born in Las Vegas during the 2009 CES. Mike & I broke the rules and didn’t let it stay in Vegas – instead we brought it to the world on March 1, 2009. Today we celebrate 8 years of wonderful contributing writers, fun events, amazing strides in the tech world, many advances for […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

The New Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote
Yesterday Logitech gave me a demo of the new Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remotebut before that they sent me one to test out. When I unboxed it I immediately notice the sleek and sexy look of what may be the best looking presentation remote out there. Once you pick up the Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remoteyou will […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Texas Does The Time Warp Again at FAN EXPO DALLAS
The Rocky Horror Picture Show’s Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf will reunite at FAN EXPO DALLAS 2017 located in downtown Dallas for Three Days. The FAN EXPO DALLASis March 31st through April 2nd at the Dallas Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center. The FAN EXPO DALLAS show will be Stan Lee’s last Texas appearance […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this week Macys announced an expansion of the retailers popular Ideology activewear line with the launch of ID Ideology, a mens collection available exclusively at 250Macys stores and online at If you’re looking for a gift for your geeky man that also works out they have some really […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

CT BAND – Turn Your Classic Watch Into a Smart Watch
Combining elegance with technology is no easy task. I was intrigued to learn about the smart strap called “CT BAND“that gives intelligence (smart watches features) to all classic watches by simply attaching it to the watch dial. Wait…WHAT!? How amazing is it to make any of your watches into smart watches?! Instead of buying a […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

CES 2017 Recap: Bluetooth Portable Accessories
Unfortunately went down due to a hacker therefore here is one of the only of deleted articles said hacker removed. FUSE FUSE, the world’s first modular wireless earbuds, was namedCES 2017 Honoree of Innovation Awards in both Wearable technologies and Headphones categories. FUSE is designed to be carried, charged, and connected in different wearable […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

2017 Mobility Awards at CES and List of Finalist
AOTMP, a global leader in telecom management best practices and industry standards for enterprises and vendors, has recently announced finalists for the 2017 Mobility Awards. This coveted awards program, which has been in place since 2001, represents the most innovative, state-of-the-art mobile and wireless products and solutions in today’s market. The list of finalists is […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Pico- The World’s First Automated Craft Beer Brewing Appliance
Smart appliance demonstrations are one of my favorites to check out at any trade conference or event. I still laugh at when I was at the Napa Valley Film Festival in 2013 and did the Dacor demo of the Discovery Smart Oven. Throughout the entire Napa Valley Film Festival I kept getting texts saying my turkey was ready. Hilarious way […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

HWBOT Invite Extreme and Ambient Overclockers to Learn and Compete in the First Ever West Coast U.S. World Tour Event
Announced today, HWBOT confirms plans to host the first ever HWBOT Would Tour event on the West Coast of North America. The HWBOT World Tour Las Vegas event will be held at the GIGABYTE Suites on January 5th and 6th during the CES 2017 trade show. The event will start with a ‘Performance Matters’ launch […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

More Robots Making a Cameo at CES 2017
I’m seriously starting to think that robots really are taking over the planet! For the past couple months I’ve been posting articles on robots that will be launching or that have demos during CES and the list continues to expand. I’ve already introducted you all to Tipron, the Hease and the Robot helper at SJC but I’m learning lately that there are many more […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

GO-NV Summit January 3rd at Mandalay Bay
Unfortunately I will not be in Vegas till 2pm on the 3rd but for those who are already there check out the below GO-NV Summit at Manadalay Bay. Below is the official press release with more information on GO-NV Summit 2017. LAS VEGAS – In collaboration with CES® 2017, the Nevada Center for Advanced Mobility (CAM) and […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

7 Stocking Stuffer Gadgets
It’s 8 days before Christmas and you are searching high and low for stocking stuffers for the geek in your life. Don’t worry! I found some of these really cool and very geeky gadgets to help you all out. Enjoy! TUDIA KLIP2 TUDIA KLIP 2 is a 2-piece silicone and polycarbonate clip. The TUDIA KLIP […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Announced Today: Cerevo’s “RIDE-1” Now Available Globally
It looks like I will be spending a tad more time with the cool people at Cerevo at CES 2017. Earlier this month I posted an article on Cerevo‘s “Tipron” The Internet Connected Projection Home Robot and now they have another smart product to check out while at CES 2017. Cerevo announced today the global availability […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017


Prevent Biometrics® is releasing and showcasing their new Head Impact Monitor at CES 2017. The Head Impact Monitor is embedded in the mouthguard that is paired with a mobile app to accurately detect potential concussion-causing impacts and provides real-time alerts. I am very excited to check this out at CES though odd I’m excited about a mouthguard. […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Cerevo Announces “Tipron” The Internet Connected Projection Home Robot to Launch Globally
If someone told me 10 years ago that we would have AI robots globally wondering around I wouldn’t have believed them. I believe that 2017 will be the year of robots and will involve several robots that will come to market. I have already informed you guys of 2 different Robot that are coming to […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

IK Multimedia Announces and Ships iRig Nano Amp
I can’t play an instrument to save my life unless RockBand counts. I am however a singer, have a music room in my condo and surrounded by starving artists. At any occasion my friends or family will do impromptu jam sessions and iRig’s nano battery-powered micro guitar amplifier would be a cool addition especially since it’s very portable and tiny. […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Misfit & General Assembly Contest: Win a Trip to New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 2017
Ready to dance the night away in one of the most iconic cities in the world? Misfit (my all time favorite tech wearables company) is teaming up with General Assembly to send you and a friend to the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Misfit & General Assembly will cover your flight, 3 nights at the Sheraton New Orleans […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

“The Bands” Launch
Press Release by Fit.Life*: Los Angeles – Fit.Life, a company dedicated to improving personal health via technology-based products and services, has announced the launch of its new stylish line of fitness trackers at CES 2017. “The Bands” are a series of fashionable fitness wrist bands that combine luxurious style with the world’s most accurate fitness […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

USPS Letters to Santa Program & NORAD’s Santa Tracker
Santa is coming to town!!! It’s December 1st and it’s time to start gearing up for the holidays and get the kids prepared for Santa’s arrival Christmas eve. First things first for the kiddos is to write their Santa letter of what they want for Christmas. I always wondered where all these Santa letters go […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Meet “Hease” the Retail Robot at CES 2017
I am getting excited about CES!! CES 2017 is going to be epic with new AI robots, drones and various VR products or games. Everyday I wake up to emails of new products that will be on display or launched at CES.  I have not said I was excited about CES since my first CES […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Disability Charity AbleGamers Foundation Acquires Children’s Charity The Get-Well Gamers Foundation
Just in time for #GivingTuesday yesterday AbleGamers acquired The Get-Well Gamers Foundation. They will be joining forces on their mission to help children with disabilities through gaming. I personally did not know there was a charity helping those with disabilities by gaming! It makes sense and very cool that there is something like this out […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Giving Tuesday: Organizations that Match Donations
Happy Giving Tuesday! Today give the gift of kindness by volunteering, donating or just pay forward for someone that is behind you in line at the store. The importance of giving today is key to a successful #GivingTuesday. Food for thought; why do you give? I can think of several reasons why I like to […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Last Minute Cyber Monday Deals Part Deux
Cyber Monday is half way in the day but there are still last minute deals that I am still receiving. To help all you last minute shoppers here are some of the tech Cyber Monday deals that are currently going on. eBay Misfit   Acton   Amazon Logitech Alienware Main Gear Nomad Hope this helps […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

New Robot Helpers at the Mineta San Jose International Airport
Announced just in time for the Holidays is the New Robot Helpers that will be at Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC). Meet Norma, Amelia, and Piper SJCRobots, the airport’s new customer service agents. Right off the bat, don’t they remind you of Rosie the maid robot in the Jetsons? Norma, Amelia, and Piper are the first […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Fantastic Last Minute Black Friday, Cyber Weekend and Cyber Monday Deals
Today is one of the most epic shopping days of the year. I was even bold enough to go to Best Buy in hopes of getting the new Mini Nintendo Classic Edition late last night. Not only were there lines that seemed to run as long as the great wall of China they did not […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Indiegogo Campaign: The Pup Connected Pocket Scanner
I forgot all about scanners since I work from home and don’t really have a need for it. Then again this would be ideal for those like me who travel and go to a lot of Tech Conferences. I seem to always loose the business cards while at conventions furthermore I do not want to […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Smartphone Cases And Accessories Galore
Since the iPhone 7 and 7 plus came out there has been a multitude of new cases and wireless devices released on the market. Just imagine, when the new Motorola Moto, Google’s Pixel, modular smartphones and rumored release of the Samsung Galaxy 8 for 2017…there will be cases galore to choose from. How does one decide? […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Farewell to Cutegeek’s Mascot – Chloe the Wonder Dog
Yesterday after months of ailments and complications with her heart murmur our beloved Chloe, Cutegeek’s Mascot from day one, passed away. She was 14 years old and she died in our arms in Austin, Texas. She was my best girl friend for 14 years! Her kind heart and her bigger than life personality will forever […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

New Spark Labs in Bryant Park Just Opened
The rate of start-ups and people who work from home increases annually as more new technology becomes available. Most start-ups I have consulted for and with my own business there are times when a conference room is needed. For small business owners, start-ups and those who work from home that is a bit of a […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Vivitek Unveils New Qumi Q3 Plus Pocket Projector
When I attend CES the Vivitek booth or table is one I always visit. Last year especially when they announced new Large Venue Laser Projector DU8090Z at CES 2016. I have no idea why I am infatuated with projectors, maybe it’s the inner geek or former Executive Assistant in me? TODAY one of my favorite projector companies, Vivitek, announced their new […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

DabKick App and Statistics of What May Happen During Election Night
DabKick is a new app. that lets you enjoy free online videos and music, photos, and web pix together with your friends – all while chatting and interacting live! This app is perfect for the Election today or any other major events you want to share with family and friends live. DabKick also has new data about […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Deceptive Voting Information Shared on Social Media
It’s almost here! Election day is tomorrow and if you haven’t voted yet there is still time to cast your vote. This Election showed how much social media influences our nation from twitter wars to Youtube videos expressing individuals opinions. Per Pew Research Center about half (51%) of social networking users learned about the presidential election […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Kickstarter Campaign: The Spontaneous Pop-up Display (SPUD)
This year was some of the most innovative Kickstarter campaigns and products I have seen thus far. One of the newest technology product currently on Kickstarter is The Spontaneous Pop-up Display (SPUD). SPUD is a high resolution 24-inch screen that collapses & expands like an umbrella. The Spontaneous Pop-up Display (SPUD) uses custom optics combined with […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

List of Random and Funny Technology Products People Want Me to Review
My life as a technology writer is always interesting and after coving the Obama Keynote at SXSW 2016 my inbox is exploding. Since I started over 7 years ago I have had some wacky products sent to me to review or a product that just doesn’t make sense. Either way its been hilarious, it’s […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Now shipping: IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitor
IK Multimedia announced today the iLoud Micro Monitor is now available to purchase worldwide. The iLoud Micro Monitor is the smallest active studio reference monitoring system in the world. I’m starting to see a trend using the verbage “the product is the smallest in the world.” To date I have in my possession the worlds smallest earbuds, the worlds smallest […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Announced today, Cleer, Inc. will be shipping out their much anticipated DU Wireless Bluetooth headphones. The dual driver wireless headphones with Bluetooth 4.1, AptX® are the newest DU Wireless Bluetooth headphones launched from Cleer. The headphones have a dual-driver system that contains two separate speakers. One driver handles high and mid-frequencies and the second to handle the bass. Cleer‘s DU […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

The NES Classic Edition is a miniaturized version of the original NES system that was originally released in 1985. On November 11, 2016 fans of NES will be able to purc hase the new NES Classic Edition at, Target, and Best Buy. The system will have 30 of the original NES’s classic games preloaded. Setting up the […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Registration for CES and Nina’s Infamous CES Checklist
It’s that time again to start registering for CES and other events during CES 2017 in Las Vegas. Today registration for attendee’s general admission opened up and those wanting to attend CES can register here. This year there is a great line-up of speakers and events inside the Las Vegas Convention Center and outside as […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

“PINK” Technology Products that Donate to Breast Cancer
As National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has less than 2 weeks left I wanted to put together a list of technology “Pink” products that donate a portion of their proceeds to Breast Cancer efforts or organizations. I came to this brilliant idea after doing research for my 3-D Mammography article on Hi-Tech Chic by stumbling […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Connectivity Meets Classic Watch Design in the New Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch
The Shine and other Misfit  products have been on of my favorite products I have reviewed after learning about them in 2014 at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Today to continue their success with wearable technology they announced the Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch to be available on to purchase starting on November 7, 2016. The Misfit Phase Hybrid Smartwatch face is the […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

New Kickstarter Campaign: Flip! The World’s Most Intuitive Smart Stylus
As most of you know I am a huge crowd funding fan. I have seen some of the most innovative products go from starting a campaign to successfully launching their new product to consumers. Launched today is Flip! ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017

Makeblock Robot Contest Launched!
Recently Makeblock launched a new contest to build an mBot Rescue Robot, a robot hero that can save people’s lives in a disaster situation. This contest is ingenious since we are migrating towards new technology in health care. How do I enter the mBot Rescue Robot contest? To enter the contest click here to direct you to […] ~Created Sat Mar 4 09:06:25 2017
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