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Fresh Explains
This site started out with my brother over in Saudi Arabia. He had the smallest possible connection to the internet, using a 1000ms+ latentcy satallite uplink through a USB modem on a NT4 proxy using 802.11b for networking. Needless to say, downloading all of CNet's ads before being able to read an article didn't really appeal to him.
I said "Wouldn't it be great if you could get the highlights from all of your favorite tech sites in an ad-free environment?" Then you can decide which stories you wanted to read, and open the interesting links in new tabs. You can do other stuff while waiting to download, knowning that you'll be going right to the story, instead of having to navigate through bandwidth-robbing main pages. Thusly, NewsBone was born.
It took me a couple months to decide on how I wanted to lay it out, and provide the content. The current charter for NewsBone is to give all devices which can connect to the internet a way to get news quickly. I love to test the site out using the links text-only browser. NewsBone is regularly tested using Opera Mobile and other mobile phone based browsers. I'm still not entirely happy with the layout, and this will always be in a state of transformation. Feel free to post suggestions at the bottom of the page. ~Created Mon Dec 29 23:58:24 2003

Fresh gives the techs what they want uses pure perl with LWP::Simple and XML:RSS to render RSS feeds into nicely formatted tables. All feeds are updated about two times a day. Perl is the best language, hands down, to manipulate HTML or XML. All of my code outputs W3C compliant XHTML, but the links within the URLs sometimes change that - I am still tuning that up. NewsBone runs on very modest hardware, since it renders pages semi-staticly, and doesn't have a very big network load.
All of the RSS feeds I am using, I have hand-picked from sites that I like and regularly troll for news. There are other sites out there that have feeds, but you'd be surpised at how many don't. I considered spidering and rewriting content from some sites that do not have feeds, but have decided to just not bother. There are also a lot of sites that have feeds, but the site itself isn't very good. This page now has a way for you to submit new sites for me to look at (and possibly add) at the bottom of the page. ~Created Tue Dec 30 00:01:41 2003

Cake pan HO
I finished building the cake pan amp. It's based upone the High Octane project on I figured I'd share some of the build info on here, to help out other builders. I know for me, looking at other people's... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

More tube amp stuff
I've finished building the aforementioned Fender 5E3, and it really produces fantastic clean sounds. The way the circuit is built, it also is very touch sensitive and dynamic on how the amp sounds, even at a very simple setting (hey,... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

A nice ride out
This is most of the riding I did on my trip. I rode 2078 miles in total, and was gone from Seattle a total of 14 days. Yes, I remembered to bring my flip-flops. I had a great visit to... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

T minus 7 hours
Tomorrow, I'll be making this ride. I'm all packed up, and just have to fill up my Nalgene bottles tomorrow morning before heading out. I'm hoping to be on the road at 6:30am. Yay. 'Night.... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

I've gotten a chance to ride with the fully loaded Beta Bag, Beta Duffel, and my old Tour Master tank bag mounted up. The Wolfman luggage is really well thought out, and works great on the Multistrada. The Beta bags... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

Rollei 35
My grandfather passed on a Rollei 35, that my dad recently shipped up to me. I'm going to be using it, along with my underpowered digital camera, on my big trip. When I rode up to Anacortes a few weeks... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

I'm going on a 3 week vacation in about a week. I'm going to be riding a couple thousand miles on my Ducati. I've been reading up on big motorcycle tours for inspiration. There are lots of documented trips throughout... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

Leo's working on me
Have watched three Leo movies, recently. 'Departed, 'Aviatior, and Blood Diamond. And I gotta say: while DiCaprio's still not what he's hyped up to be, I think he's starting to grow on me. Now, I did do it right, and... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

Spork, Netflix, green tea
One of the pics I came across, taken shortly after moving into my current house, here in seattle. A nice moment. Another, taken as I'm packing to move up here, back in July '06.... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

I finished up most of my Sun training today at about 4pm. With the training center being in downtown Bellevue, going back across 520 at that time is a nightmare. So I decided to go over to the Bellevue Square... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

Seattle to Vashon
I went for an awesome ride today. It was only about 70 miles, but it took half a day of riding. I took the ferry over to Vashon Island, after riding around Alki. So far, I'm really loving Seattle. Enjoy... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

The Mongoose
I've traded in my beloved Aprilia for a Ducati Mulistrada 620 Dark. I've been so happy riding my new bike around, I haven't had time to feel most of the remorse and guilt of letting go of my giallo lione.... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

Valve Junior Solderfest
I've finished building and hacking up two Valve Juniors now. The first one, I modded to near-"Silver" specs. Then I rebuilt it with a new turret board and brand-new components. I went to GC, and picked up another VJ, and... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

Picard goes nuts
I watched Captain Picard pull off a very convincing crazy toady, watching Dad Savage. Super-intense stuff. Good movie. Another movie that's been shown on IFC here and there is The Prime Gig. Great feel-good downer flick. While putting my shoes... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008

Epiphone Valve Junior
Like everyone else that has a understanding of how great tube amps are, but can't justify the entry fee, I've picked up a $100 Epiphone Valve Junior head - for the express purpose of modding it. When I was at... ~Created Fri Aug 29 16:58:51 2008
Suggest a feed to syndicate here, or check out what I'm doing over at freshtao.
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